2021 School Golf Championships Report

2021 National School Golf Championships 

BGF Golf Facility, The Stadium Course 

March 22-26th, 2021 

Prepared by Gina Gonzalez-Rolle 

Chair, Junior Division 

Bahamas Golf Federation 

March 31, 2021 

Message from Chair, Junior Division 


Mission Statement:  

To teach golf to all students between the ages of 5 and 18 in our community. We intend to play and develop our kids through the coached sessions in an easily, accessible, and affordable way, in order for them to have fun, make new friends and stay healthy and fit. Most of all we want our junior golfers to realize that the game of golf is for everyone, no matter their status.

I am ecstatic to say that with over 800 new players this year, our goal is to continue making a difference in their lives through golf. We are concerned about where they will all play but honestly, we will continue to train and assist our kids and we believe the rest will fall into place. We have another 30 kids at this point ready to join. Therefore, we have had to regrouped and have decided to start specific beginner enrollment periods every 6-8 weeks.  We will also host tournaments throughout the year to prepare our players for international play. We have 10 tournaments planned for the remainder of 2021. We will continue to train, and we look forward to seeing more Bahamians in the LPGA and PGA organizations, and playing on the LPGA and PGA Tour. 




Tournament Chairman (TC), Gina Gonzalez-Rolle, Chair of the Junior Division, Bahamas Golf Federation 

Tournament Coordinator (TCO), Georgette Rolle, Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy 

Tournament Director (TD), Lynford Miller, President, Bahamas Golf Federation 

Chief Rules Official (RO), Riccardo Davis Jr., Bahamas Professional Golf Tour 



Schedule of Events  


Saturday and Sunday, March 20-21 

Course Setup with Hole signs and Flags 

Delivery of Water and Snacks  


Monday, March 22 

7:00am Practice Areas Open 

8:00 Opening Ceremony (National Anthem, Ceremonial Shot by the Minister of Sports) 

8:30am Private Upper Primary Boys 

10:30am Private Upper Primary Girls  

1:00pm Private Lower Primary Boys and Lower Primary Girls  


Tuesday, March 23 

8:30am Public Upper Primary Boys  

11:00am Public Upper Primary Girls  

1:30pm Public Lower Primary Boys and Lower Primary Girls 


Wednesday, March 24 

8:30am Public Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Senior Boys, Senior Girls  


Thursday, March 25 

8:30am Private Schools Junior Boys Division  

11:00am Private Schools Junior Girls Division  

1:00pm Private Schools Senior Boys Division, Private Schools Senior Girls Division  


Friday, March 26 

8:00am Lower Girls Primary Division Finals, Upper Girls Primary Division Finals  

10:00am Lower Boys Primary Division Finals, Upper Boys Primary Division Finals  

10:30am Awards for the Lower and Upper Primary Girls Divisions 

12:00pm Junior Boys Division Finals, Junior Girls Division Finals  

12:30pm Lower and Upper Primary Boys Divisions  

2:00pm Senior Boys Division Finals, Senior Girls Division Finals  

2:30pm Awards for the Junior Boys and Junior Girls Divisions 

4:30pm Awards for the Senior Boys and Senior Girls Divisions 


Saturday – Monday 

Removal of Course Signs, ensuring that banners were collected.  


The Schools  


  1. A.F. Adderley Junior High  
  1. Albury Sayles Primary School  
  1. Aquinas College 
  1. Busy Bees Small School  
  1. Charles W. Saunders 
  1. C.I. Gibson Senior High  
  1. Claridge Primary School 
  1. Cleveland Eneas Primary School  
  1. C.R. Walker Senior High School  
  1. C.W. Sawyer Primary School  
  1. D.W. Davis Primary School  
  1. Eva Hilton Primary School  
  1. Gavin Tynes Primary School 
  1. Gerald Cash Primary School  
  1. Greeneville Preparatory School  
  1. H.O. Nash Junior High  
  1. Jordan Prince William 
  1. Kingsway Academy  
  1. Leadership Academy  
  1. Lyford Cay International School  
  1. Nassau Christian Academy  
  1. Palmdale Primary  
  1. Queen’s College 
  1. Sadie Curtis Primary School  
  1. Sandilands Primary School  
  1. St. Andrews International School  
  1. St. Johns College 
  1. Sts. Francis St. Joseph 
  1. St. Thomas More 
  1. Summit Academy  
  1. Temple Christian  
  1. Thelma Gibson Primary School  
  1. The Meridian School  
  1. The Windsor School at Albany  
  1. The Windsor School at Old Fort  
  1. Woodcock Primary School  
  1. Xavier’s Lower School 


The Players – Primary Schools  


Lower Primary Girls 

Grades 1-3 

Lower Primary Boys 

Grades 1-3 

Upper Primary Girls  

Grades 4-6 

Upper Primary Boys  

Grades 4-6 

Alexandra Lefeber 

Alyssa Richards 

Brenae Knowles 

Janae Phillips  

Janai Miller 

Lenita Vickerie 

Mya Meeres 

Payton McKenzie 

Ri’Annah Hanna 

Safari Hanna 

Sarah Scheidecker 

Taylor Davis  

Yelisey Smith  

Zara Greaves 


Adam Turnquest 

Aden Jones 

Antonio Hernandez 

Dereck Rolle 

Dwight Charlow 

Esyn Hanna 

Francisco Ortiz Von Bismarck  

Hawthorne Wood 

Hugo Johnstone  

Jack Fox 

Joshua Cleare 

Joshua Louis  

Kai Bastian  

LeKhari Williams 

Leo Bisterzo 

Liam Stubbs 

Lucas Stokes 

Luis Ortiz Von Bismarck  

Santino Bowe 



Abigail Napoleon  

Aiyanna Hernandez 

Alexandria Charlow  

Aliya Pinder 

Althea Garrick Amarissa Wright  

Ania Wilson  

Anissa Robinson  

Anthonique Pedican  

Antionae Edwards  

Aquenisha Norelus  

Arielle Worrell 

Ashia Rose 

Beyonce Knowles 

Brenaya Knowles  

Briana Knowles 

Caitlin McWilliam  

Cassandra Carlino  

Christiana Philistin  

Cianna McWilliam  

Da’maya Hudson  

Daliah Hamilton-Knowles 

Davanique Pennerman 

Deandrea Smith 

Deskota Pyfrom  

Destini Wilson 

Emma Johnston 

Enihya Eaulin 

Eran Brown 

Garranique Brown 

Haley Hall 

Jacara Forbes 

Janasia Robinson  

Janaye Major 

Janiyah Williams  

Jasmine Kambhampati 

Jeremyah Mortimer 

Kaitlyn Phillips 

Kasginae Knowles 

Kayleigh Rolle 

Kennaya Ingraham 

Khloe Rahming 

Kimani Ferguson 

Kimaya Poitier 

Kimora Strachan 

Kristina Butler 

Laila-Marie Brice 

Lazhria Beneby  

Liari Price 

Maddison Carroll 

Malaysia Elliott 

Melissa Beukes 

Mikiah Stuart 

Navaeh Aneska 

Nicole Butler 

Nikayla Butler 

Renaisha Dill 

Sarala Stuart 

Sariah Joseph  

Shiloh Leadon 

Tania Saunders 

Tatum Adderley  

Tracy Johnson  

Waydrinae Seymour 

Zaria Gardiner 


Aden Turnquest 

Alex Jerome  

Alexander Fernie  

Anthony Pedican 

Anthony Saunders 

Anton Davis 

Ashton Moss 

Brody Wheaton  

Cayden George 

D’Angelo Gray 

Damarion Ellis
Decorey Williams 

Emyr Hanna 

Ethan Cleare 

Guillermo Gomez-Buendia  

Harry White 

Hezekiah Bernadin  

James Percentie Jr.  

Joel Mullings 

Jose Piazza 

Joshua Joseph  

Juan Wilson  

Kaiser Williams  

Kristian Wilson  

Lathan Bowleg 

Liam Brice 

Liam Fowler 

Maximillian Landry  

Mehki Smith  

Micah Charles 

Nario Williams  

Patrick Mactaggart  

Rashawn Hanna 

Rasheed Smith  

Ricardo Edwards  

Talin Oliver 

Thomas Briard 

Thomas Fox  

Trevayne Forbes-Ferguson  

Tyreik Colebrooke 

Weston Young  

William West  

Zachary Joseph 





The Players – Junior and Senior High Schools 


Junior Girls  Junior Boys   Senior Girls  Senior Boys 
Alania Garrick  

Antonia Robinson  

Baile Bostwick  

Biswapriya Pati  

Cartaie Johnson  

Chemari Pratt 

D’Quel Bes 

Najihah Mortimer 

Olivia Ott  

Imani Price 

Jiadyn Roye  

Kamaya Burnside 

 Kearra Newton  

Lilly Bisterzo  

Morgen Meeres 

Sophia Briard 

Tysha Johnson 

Yulia Chipman 


A’Jai Culmer  

Aidan Gorospe  

Aiden Gibson 

Alexander Carlino  

Alexander Knowles 

Axel Dridi  

Benjamin Dupuch  

Christian Turnquest  

Christopher Edwards 

D’Athen Rolle-Davis 

Frazer Markham 

Gabin Chechin-Laurans 

Isaiah Bernadin  

Jackson Mactaggart  

Johsua Bernadin  

Kadin Williams  

Kerrington Rolle 

Luke Grimes 

Makaio Mackey  

Michael Knowles 

Mosiah Baiin  

Oliver White 

Percival Richardson  

Rhan Miller 


A’Jani Culmer 

Amaia Taylor  

Anaya Meeres 

Braniqua Miller 

Chamija Skippings 

Elvanique Rolle 

Gabrielle Pratt 

Maline Jerome 

Nataija McPhee 

Tyesha Tynes 


Aaron Simmons 

Alex Dupuch  

Anai Powell 

Andrew Benjamin  

Anton McDonald 

Arjun Shetty  

Benjamin Knowles 

Cameo Stuart 

Christopher Knowles 

Doyle Storr 

Ethan Mui  

Jackson Hood 

Jackson McLeod  

Jaden Ward 

Jaiden Cartwright 

Jared Forbes 

Jeffrey Thompson 

Jermaine Dawkins 

Joshua Albury  

Larenze Moxey  

Matthew Robinson  

Mac Dridi  

Nolan Kull 

Patrick Farquharson  

Pericles Maillis  

RayVaughn Sweeting  

Ryan Brown 

Shanareo Grant  

Shiloh Smith  

Stevens Joseph 

Timothy Stuby  

Tyler Hamilton
Wilton Dames 

Zadok Smith  

Zion Taylor 





The Opening Ceremony  


Ms. Gina Rolle welcomed everyone and thanked them all for coming out. Then Miss Alana Munnings was introduced and did a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem which was followed by The Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture, who was welcomed and introduced.  

The minister then hit the first shot to commemorate the first National School Championship had begun. 


Ms. Alana Munnings sang the National Anthem. 



The Hon. Iram Lewis, Minister of Youth Sports & Culture hit a ceremonial tee shot to mark the opening of the championships. 


The Course  

  • A meeting between the course operator and the tournament committee was held five weeks before the tournament to cover items including course setup, and defined responsibilities for each team member. 
  • The course would be closed on Monday through Friday between the hours of 7am and 4pm for the tournament.  
  • The course team would have the greens mowed and flags in place by 7:30am each morning.  


Course Setup  

  • Hole signs were placed on each hole approximately 5-10 yds behind the furthest set of tee markers.  
  • Sponsor flags and banners were erected around the practice areas and the first tee.  
  • The course was marked with hazard lines, ball drop areas, and spectator roping. 
  • It was determined that based on the number of players, the tournament would host three shotgun waves of play on the first four days. The first four days accommodated 248 players.  



Private School Qualifier 

Tuesday Public School Qualifier  Wednesday 

Public School Qualifier 


Private School Qualifier  

8:30am Shotgun Wave 1  Private Upper Primary Boys  Public Upper Primary Boys  Public Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Senior Boys, Senior Girls  Private Junior Boys 
11:00am Shotgun Wave 2  Private Upper Primary Girls  Public Upper Primary Girls    Private Junior Girls 
1:00pm Shotgun Wave 3  Private Lower Primary Boys and Girls  Public Lower Primary Boys and Girls    Private Senior Boys and Girls 


  • For the Final day, it was determined that the tournament would host four shotgun waves of play with a maximum of 36 players per wave. The final day accommodated 140 players.  
  Friday Finals 
8:00am Shotgun Wave 1  Lower Primary Boys and Girls 
10:00am Shotgun Wave 2  Upper Primary Boys and Girls 
12:00pm Shotgun Wave 3  Junior Boys and Girls 
2:00pm Shotgun Wave 4  Senior Boys and Girls 



  • Four sets of tee markers were prepared for the tournament:  
  • The Fourteen Clubs tee markers were used for the Lower Primary boys and girls. They were set approximately 40-50yds from the front edge of the green on each hole.  
  • The BGF tee markers were used for the Upper Primary boys and girls. They were set approximately 50-75 yds from the front edge of the green on each hole.  
  • The Switcha tee markers were used for the Junior boys and girls. They were set approximately 100-125 yds from the front edge of each green.  
  • The Aquapure tee markers were used for the Senior boys and girls. They were set approximately 125-150yds from the front edge of each green.  
  • The tee and distance allocations were as follows and are in yards; the course is Par 27. 


Age Group   Tee Markers  Distance per Hole  Maximum Total Distance 
Lower Primary Boys   FCGA  40-50yds  450yds 
Lower Primary Girls  FCGA  40-50yds  450yds 
Upper Primary Boys  BGF  50-75yds  675yds 
Upper Primary Girls  BGF  50-75yds  675yds 
Junior Boys   Switcha  100-125yds  1125yds 


Junior Girls  Switcha  100-125yds  1125yds 


Senior Boys  Aquapure  125-150yds  1350yds 


Senior Girls  Aquapure  125-150yds  1350yds 




  • Food and drinks were provided by the 10th hole restaurant on property. A special Menu was provided due to the Covid 19 protocols.  
  • BahamasWaste provided ample restrooms and hand sanitizer stations throughout the course.  
  • Doctors Hospital provided covid-19 safety protocols upon checking in which included temperature checks and sanitization procedures. 
  • Registration was provided upon entry.  
  • Security personnel was present for all hours of the tournament.  
  • Audio Visual equipment for announcements was provided throughout the tournament. 






Tournament Management  

The GHIN Golf Genius system was used throughout the tournament to record the names and school, and gender of players.  It produced the draw and score cards for each day. It was also used to capture hole by hole scores for each player, provide individual reports and generate course and player statistics.  


Agatha Delancy, Ethelyn Davis, Cyntese Cooper and Gina Rolle assisted with scoring over the five days of competition.  


The scoring tent was well managed and controlled to ensure that players followed the procedures and checks before they confirmed their scores. Cross checks between the scoring marshals, players, and scoring assistants were done to ensure the integrity of the results. 


Awards Ceremony  


  • The lawn opposite the restaurant served as the venue for the awards. The sponsor banners and flags were strategically placed along with the trophies.  
  • Gina Gonzalez-Rolle presented the awards along with various sponsors for the different divisions. The results were announced, and the awards were presented approximately 30 minutes after each division completed their round on Friday, March 26th 


Champions Page 


Lower Girls Primary  


1st Place – Gavin Tynes Primary School, 175 (+94) 

2nd Place – The Windsor School at Old Fort, 179 (+98) 

3rd Place – Eva Hilton Primary School, 188 (+107) 




1st Place – Zara Greaves, The Windsor School at Old Fort, 52 (+25) 

2nd Place – Janae Phillips, Gavin Tynes Primary School, 53 (+26) 

3rd Place – Alyssa Richards, St. Thomas More, 54 (+27) 





Lower Boys Primary  


1st Place – The Windsor School at Old Fort, 132 (+51) 




1st Place – Jack Fox, The Windsor School at Old Fort, 43 (+16) 

2nd Place – Hugo Johnston, The Windsor School at Old Fort, 44 (+17) 

2nd Place – Luis Ortiz Von Bismarck, Lyford Cay International, 44 (+17) 

2nd Place – Joshua Louis, Temple Christian School, 44 (+17) 





Upper Girls Primary  


1st Place – Eva Hilton Primary, 147 (+66) 

2nd Place – The Windsor School at Old Fort, 151 (+70) 

3rd Place – Queens College, 155 (+74) 






1st Place – Melissa Beukes, Lyford Cay International School, 37 (+10) 

2nd Place – Haley Hall, Jordan Prince William, 42 (+15) 

3rd Place – Cianna McWilliam, Eva Hilton Primary School, 44 (+17) 

3rd Place – Tatum Adderley, Eva Hilton Primary School, 44 (+17) 


Upper Boys Primary  


1st Place – Lyford Cay International School, 124 (+43)  

2nd Place – The Windsor School at Old Fort, 133 (+52) 

3rd Place – Gavin Tynes Primary School, 159 (+78) 





1st Place – Harry White, The Windsor School at Old Fort,36 (+9) 

2nd Place – Patrick Mactaggart, Lyford Cay International School, 40 (+13) 

2nd Place – Brody Wheaton, Lyford Cay International School, 40 (+13) 








Junior Girls  


1st Place – Queens College,150 (+69) 

2nd Place – The Windsor School at Albany, 156 (+75) 






1st Place – Chemari Pratt, Queens College, 39 (+12) 

2nd Place – Lilly Bisterzo, The Windsor School at Albany,41 (+14) 

3rd Place – Jaidyn Roye, St. Johns College, 49 (+22) 






Junior Boys  


1st Place - The Windsor School at Old Fort, 108 (+27) ** 

2nd Place – Queens College, 108 (+27) 

3rd Place – Lyford Cay International School, 116 (+28) 


** Won in a playoff 




1st Place – Rhan Miller, Queens College, 32 (+5) 

2nd Place – Aidan Gorospe, The Windsor School at Albany, 34 (+7)  

3rd Place – Jackson Mactaggart, The Windsor School at Albany, 35 (+8) 








Senior Girls  


1st Place – Tyesha Tynes, St. Johns College, 29 (+2) 

2nd Place – Amaya Meeres, Charles W. Saunders, 55 (+28) 

3rd Place – Gabrielle Pratt, Kingsway Academy, 57 (+30) 







Senior Boys  


1st Place – St. Andrews International School, 111 (+30) 

2nd Place – The Windsor School at Albany, 115 (+34) 

3rd Place – Queens College, 123 (+42) 






1st Place – Jaden Ward, Home School, 32 (+5) 

2nd Place – Alex Dupuch, St. Andrews International School, 33 (+6) 

3rd Place – Patrick Farquharson, The Windsor School at Albany, 37 (+10) 

3rd Place – Christopher Knowles, Queens College, 37 (+10) 











The R&A 

The Bahamas Golf Federation 

The Ministry of Youth, Sports & Culture 

The Ministry of Education 

Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy
Bahamas Professional Golf Tour 

Doctors Hospital 



The Rotary Club of East Nassau 


Lightbourne Trading 

Brice Newball Foundation 

The Leadership Academy 


School Coaches 



And all other persons or companies who contributed in any way to the success of the 2021 National School Golf Championships.

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