Golf Academy

Premier golf academy in the Caribbean. 

Fore the Future

We vow to always invest in young people to continue to relate and promote the longevity of the program.

Youth First

We vow to always put the interests of the junior golfer first.

Integrity above all

We vow to be honest in every decision.


Years of experience


We are committed to player development and playing opportunities. We will provide a fun and safe environment, striving to give junior golfers the highest quality of instruction in The Bahamas. 

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Elite Juniors
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College Scholarships

Learn to Play

Juniors begin learning combos which will help them begin the Play component of the program as quickly as possible.

Juniors learn the putting techniques and four of the swing combos designed to help them be able to perform

Mastering the following shots:

1. Bump and Run chip shot

2. Low pitch shot

3. High pitch shot

4. Short distance putts

5. Distance control putts

Select A Coaching Service

School Golf Program

Golf championships is an opportunity for our junior golfers to be seen as student athletes and compete as a part of a team.

Private & Group

Checkout our pricing for private and group sessions.

Master Class

• Take it to the next level
• Master your skills
• 1-on-1 coaching


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