Read it or Weep – A golf instructors chronicle

Written by Coach David

“I’m struggling with my putting”! A line oh so familiar but otherwise true. Many of us struggle or have struggled at one point of our careers with the flatstick. Like anything else we do in life WE must be steadfast in our efforts to become proficient. Whether it’s cooking, running, soccer, basketball, life, etc. we have to be focused on the task. Fortunately, this is all about putting.

I’m a stickler for fundamentals, so I’ll always lean on my foundation. It is and always will be my rule of thumb. Putting is the most emotional part of the game. Nothing like staring down the line of a 4 footer with a slight right to left break and you’ve made eight of them to this point. You take one more peek, pull the trigger and instantly realize you’ve not hit it hard enough and you miss it low! What a bummer. The feeling that comes over you as a player is immediate frustration. Along with a feeling of failure. However, we are golfers, right? Gotta have a short term memory. We must learn to adapt to the situation, have a short term memory and trust your process. What process? Your process in how you approach the game!

Missing a short putt can ruin a good round, and it’s the kind of thing that’s hard to forget. What’s the key to getting better over short putts? I’d like to say experience! The more putts you make off the course increases your chances of making more short putts on the course. It’s called confidence. STOP with, “that’s good” this is golf putt it in the hole! Additionally, before you play spend however long it takes you to make 10 3-footers before teeing off! Trust me, it helps!

In a nutshell create a practice regimen for your putting. Drills that focus on speed and alignment are essential. Remember in a perfect round of golf there should only be a maximum of 36 putts for a score of 72! Anything less than a score of 72 is extraordinary. Putt an emphasis on your short game when you decide to practice. Need help with your short game contact your local PGA professional or golf instructor for assistance.

“You drive for show, you putt for dough.”

Got questions? I have answers!

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