Is it Just a Bunker or a Total Bummer?

Written by Coach Payton

On the golf course bunker shots can either a be golfer’s worst fear or it can be as easy as 1-2-3. It all depends on of the keys to the game of golf and that is perception. Perception is a golfer’s interpretation of the different parts of the game….like bunker shots. A golfer’s perception of the different aspects of the game determines their success throughout the round as one’s perception becomes their reality.

Most golfers believe that landing in a fairway or greenside bunker is one of the worst things that can occur during the round. These golfers believe that bunker shots are the most intimidating shots in the game because there is always the thought their ball will be denied by the bunker and won’t make it on the green. Others believe that bunker shots are the easiest shots in the game. This is due to their perception of the lie and how well they play bunker shots. These shots are not like the average golf shot that is played on grass where players are allowed to ground their clubs as they address the ball. Instead, it is played out of the sand with an opened club face and players are not allowed to ground their club in the sand while playing this shot. Otherwise, they will be assessed a penalty. This is where easy goes out of window and playing the bunker becomes a complete nightmare. However, in the midst of the all the pressure, a golfer’s perception can be the very thing that helps them to achieve success during the round because what one perceives becomes their reality.

Bunker shots are not like the other shots that are played in golf. The very second a player thinks that they can play the shot in the right way, landing it on the green or hitting it back into the fairway becomes almost inevitable. This is why a golfer’s perception is one of the keys to the game. If they perceive bunker shots to be a nightmare then it will become a nightmare as they succumb to the pressure of playing a bunker shot. However, if they perceive it to be an easy shot, then playing it will become easy when they play through the pressure using the right technique because perception becomes reality. So, for some golfers playing bunker shots , it can be a bummer or it can simply just be a bunker.

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