Bringing Game to the Game

Written by Coach Payton
In the game of golf, there is ALWAYS room to improve a skill. When competing with other golfers, you realize that your game can be better than it currently is. As a golfer, you realize that you could’ve played a shot better, used a different technique or chose a better line to putt. Within a dynamic game such as golf, your game can always evolve but the evolution of your game depends on who you as a golfer decide to play with and watch. There are many golfers that just play with golfers on their level and when
you play with people on your level, you see a certain level of game. This in turn allows you to reflect on your game, and gain perspective. However, that perspective is limited due to the level of game you see. With this perspective you may see that there are little changes that you can make that will help you to play better that you can incorporate into your game or maybe you won’t see anything that will help you at all. Thus, hindering your growth as a golfer. In a game like golf, playing with golfers that play at the same level as you without out learning can lead to being comfortable with your current skill level and even make you
believe that you cannot achieve more than you already have. But when you play with golfers on a higher level than you that bring game to the game, you realize that you’ve got to achieve success on completely different level. Competing with golfers that bring game to the game exposes you to a higher level of game, a level that you never imagined possible. Playing with these golfers
drives you, as a golfer, to match the level of game you see. As you play with golfers that are on a higher level, you can learn many things that will assist with the transformation of your game from course management to the way you swing your clubs. In your experiences with these types of golfers you can learn how to correct your mistakes and making small adjustments that enhances what you’ve built as a golfer. Hence, these golfers bring game to the game. Their incredible skill level will teach you how to physically better your individual game when you watch their approach in every aspect of the game on all eighteen holes. Playing
with these golfers will also challenge you mentally to be the better golfer in your thinking, to outthink them and bring game to the game one day.

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