Junior Golf Program

Are you ready to join the program?

The first items that your junior will learn are our swing combos. We firmly believe that knowing and mastering these combos will fuel their progress in the play portion of the program.

Coaches assess the completion of the following predetermined goals for each combo:

1. Demonstrate the Combo

2. Consistently perform the combo during practice sessions

3. Consistently perform the combo during play sessions

4. Mastery: Teach the combo to a fellow player

The second part of the program involves play during class and play in Operation 36 matches, which are opportunities for the juniors to advance to the next division level. These match dates and results can be found on the tournaments page.

Play and Practice

From Green to Tee

Juniors begin learning combos which will help them begin the Play component of the program as quickly as possible. Juniors learn the putting techniques and four of the swing combos designed to help them be able to perform the following shots:

1. Bump and Run chip shot

2. Low pitch shot

3. High pitch shot

4. Short distance putts

5. Distance control putts

Start at 25 yards on each hole. Shoot 36 on 9 holes and advance to the next divisions!

Most play programs allow players to start at the furthest distance from the hole. This is typically the tee box and the players count how many strokes it takes them to finish the hole. This format normally takes the player longer to progress.

Our SOLUTION is the Operation 36 development model. Every participant has the same goal of shooting 36 or better for 9 holes.  We break the model up into 10 division yardages. We start 25 yards away from the hole and you begin to develop your putting and chipping skills with our short game combos.  Once you meet or beat 36 for 9-holes from Division 1 at 25 yards away you move back to Division 2 - 50 yards away. In order to progress to the next Division a player must shoot the 36 or better.


This development model is Timely, Goal Centered and Simple.


Each player is required to learn these combos.