Tyesha Tynes wins and captures the flag at the Nutrament Junior Golf Classic!

Updated: May 14, 2020

“Tyesha Tynes captures the flag at the Nutrament Junior Golf Classic”

The Nutrament Junior Classic was successful as the juniors had another opportunity to play in inclement weather conditions. For 2018, the tour has hosted and completed three events that were almost rained out. Played on May 12th at the Ocean Club Golf Course, the event featured 39 junior golfers from Nassau and Freeport.

Despite the rain at the beginning of the event, the players started on time, and were in good spirits. After approximately one hour, the rain was too heavy and play had to be suspended for 45 minutes.

Play resumed and the juniors continued to play in the light rain until 3:30pm at which the event ended and was shortened to a Nine Hole event.

After having two events which did not have favorable weather conditions, the juniors showed that they were prepared for the conditions. More of them had rain gear including jackets and umbrellas. One of the goals of the tour is to prepare the juniors to be ready for any situation they encounter on or off of the golf course. By seeing them be more and more prepared as the season continues, it shows that the tour is moving in the right direction.

Capturing the Event Flag at a score of 2 over Par for Nine Holes was Tyesha Tynes (12). This is her second flag for 2018. We will all be watching to see if our player with the lowest scoring average will be the winner of the most flags and our 2018 Player of the Year.

Our thanks goes out to:

· Nutrament - Our Title Sponsor for the event

· Robbie Leming and the staff at the Ocean Club

· Marcos pizza – for always ensuring that the juniors and volunteers have lots of food and drinks after the round.

· Parents and volunteers for making another event a huge success

The top three finishers in each division for the Nine Hole Event:

8 & Under

Michael Knowles (1st Place) +8

Sebastian Halewyck (2nd Place) +13

Haley Hall (3rd Place) +29

10 & Under

Jackson Mactaggert (1st Place) +11

Rhan Miller (2nd Place) +11

Axel Dridi (3rd Place) + 12

13 & Under

Tyesha Tynes (1st Place) +2

Adrian Stan-Busuioc (2nd Place) +8

Matthew Deveaux (3rd Place) +11

18 & Under

Ashley Michel (1st Place) +5

Saketh Hegde (2nd Place) +7

Jenna Bayles (3rd Place) +7

Check out the full results by downloading the app: The Front 9.

The next event is the Grand Bahama Junior Open. This will be held at the Reef Golf Course on June 1-2.

If you have a junior golfer between the ages of 6-18 and they are interested in playing our events, please let them contact us through the app or send an email to info@fourteenclubsgolfacademy.com.

The Front 9 is dedicated to ensuring that our junior golfers have a full tournament schedule and other opportunities to succeed in the first half of their golf lives. The tour has events being played at all courses in The Bahamas including, Abaco, Freeport, Exuma, and Nassau.


Follow the juniors by:

1. Download “The Front 9” app on your Apple or Android device.

2. Fourteenclubsgolfacademy.com website under the events tab.

3. Bahamasgolf.org website under their Junior Golf tab.

4. Check out bluegolf.com and type in the search bar “The Front 9.”


If you are interested in volunteering as a scoring marshal, please contact Coach G at 828-4653.

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