Team Gorospe (Aidan & Lemon) wins the ALiv little BIG with a scorecard playoff against Team Pratt

“Team Gorospe (Aidan & Lemon) wins the Aliv little BIG with a scorecard playoff against Team Pratt (Chemari & Marcus).”

The 2018 Aliv little BIG was an even bigger success than the inaugural event in 2017. This year the event showcased 44 teams for a total of 88 players. BIGs from Freeport and Abaco joined in supporting the cause of the growth of junior golf. Thank you to Aliv for continuously supporting the growth of tournament golf for our young golfers.

This event brought together combos, which included child/parent, godparent/child, family friend/ child, juniors who needed BIGs, and BIGs who were willing to spend time and influence one of our upcoming golfers.

PLAY BY PLAY: 1st place vs 2nd place

Tied for first place, team Gorospe and team Pratt made a great showing. Both are father/child combos, and both juniors are amongst the top golfers in their age divisions. Playing together, the match was as follows:

Hole 1: Team Gorospe makes birdie to go 1 stroke Up

Hole 2: Both teams make Par; Team Gorospe remains 1 stroke Up

Hole 12: Team Pratt makes birdie to bring the match to All Square

Hole 13: Team Pratt makes Eagle to go 2 strokes Up

Hole 14: Both teams make par; Team Pratt stays 2 strokes Up

Hole 15: Team Gorospe makes birdie; Team Pratt goes to 1 stroke Up

Hole 16: Both teams make Par; Team Pratt remains 1Up

Hole 17: Both teams make Par; Team Pratt remains 1Up

Hole 18: Team Gorospe birdies, taking the match to All Square

Scorecard Playoff: Scorecard playoffs compare the scores on the hardest holes on the golf course. The first hole considered is the #1 handicapped hole. Both teams made Par on that hole. The next lowest handicapped hole is hole #15. Team Gorospe made birdie on hole 15, where Team Pratt made Par.

The Flag

Every event, we have tournament flags, which the kids sign. At the end of the event, the low scorer for the event takes home one of the flags, one flag is held for the event sponsor, and the final flag is retained by Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy and The Front 9.

Capturing the Event Flag with a team score of 3 under par is son and father combo, Aidan and Lemon Gorospe.

Our thanks go out to:

· Aliv - Our Title Sponsor for the event

· Sean Cracraft, Andy Deiro, and the staff at Royal Blue Golf Club

· The Junior Division of the Bahamas Golf Federation for partnering with Fourteen Clubs for this event

· Parents and volunteers for making another event a huge success

Media Results are below:

T1 Aidan Gorospe 0-33--33 -3 Lemon Gorospe T1 Chemari Pratt 0-33--33 -3 Marcus Pratt T3 Haley Hall 0-35--35 -1 Jim Duncombe T3 Riya Miller 0-35--35 -1 Greg Maycock 5 Daliah Hamilton-Knowles 0-36--36 E Shane Gibson 6 Kyndall Campbell 0-37--37 +1 Mitchum Jasper T7 Kamaya Burnside 0-38--38 +2 Lynford Miller T7 Makaio Mackey 0-38--38 +2 Neil O'Brien T7 Miranda Tucker 0-38--38 +2 Daron Roberts T7 Tyesha Tynes 0-38--38 +2 Daphne Haines T11 Luke Kennedy 0-39--39 +3 Scott Kennedy T11 Rhan Miller 0-39--39 +3 Andrew O'Brien T13 Percival Richardson 0-40--40 +4 Michael Wicky T13 Zion Taylor 0-40--40 +4 Paul Winder T13 Jayden Wright 0-40--40 +4 Chris Wright T16 Saketh Hegde 0-41--41 +5 Nancy McDonald T16 Alexander Knowles 0-41--41 +5 Anthony Hinsey 18 A'Marie Smith 0-42--42 +6 Ethelyn Davis 19 Adrian Stan-Busuioc 0-43--43 +7 Enrico Stan-Busuioc T20 Benjamin Dupuch 0-44--44 +8 Patrick Kluck T20 Michael Knowles 0-44--44 +8 Lawrence Glinton T20 Kory Paul 0-44--44 +8 Philip Andrews T23 Matthew Deveaux 0-45--45 +9 Damian Blackburn T23 Jared Forbes 0-45--45 +9 Fausto Pezzente T23 Sebastian Halewyck 0-45--45 +9 Caroline Riberio T23 Benjamin Knowles 0-45--45 +9 Nicholas Knowles T23 Christopher Knowles 0-47--47 +9 Larry Wilson T23 Grant Moran 0-47--47 +9 Graeme Moran T23 Nyah Singh 0-45--45 +9 Alan Bates 30 Axel Dridi 0-46--46 +10 Birgit Ludig-Dridi T31 Alex Dupuch 0-49--49 +11 Peter Dupuch T31 Thomas Fox 0-47--47 +11 Paul Fox T31 Noah Henson 0-47--47 +11 Henson Mark T31 Cameren Laville 0-47--47 +11 Kent Bethel T31 Akai Miller 0-47--47 +11 Andrew Jackson 36 Tia Singh 0-48--48 +12 Brian Bethell 37 Judah Lloyd 0-49--49 +13 Mark Webb 38 Patrick Khoo-Farquharson 0-50--50 +14 Fran Dillet 39 Cameo Stuart 0-51--51 +15 Brendan Yepa 40 Edison Rolle 0-53--53 +17 Jake Neudorf 41 Elyse Hanna 0-54--54 +18 Edgar Hanna 42 Nicholas Turnqest 0-64--64 +28 Marco Turnquest

Check out the full results by downloading the app: The Front 9.

The next event is the Lyford Cay Junior Classic and will be held at the Lyford Cay Golf Club on September 16th. This is a junior event.

If you have a junior golfer between the ages of 6-18 and they are interested in playing our events, please let them contact us through the app or send an email to

The Front 9 is dedicated to ensuring that our junior golfers have a full tournament schedule and other opportunities to succeed in the first half of their golf lives. The tour has events being played at all courses in The Bahamas including, Abaco, Freeport, Exuma, and Nassau.


You can follow the juniors in the following ways:

1. Download “The Front 9” app on your Apple or Android device.

2. website under the events tab.

3. website under their Junior Golf tab.

4. Check out and type in the search bar “The Front 9.”


If you are interested in volunteering as a scoring marshal, please contact Coach G at 828-4653.

Hope to see all junior golfers there! Thank you Aliv!

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