Congrats to Rhan/Paul, Pablo/Ryan, and Oren/Miranda for winning the 2017 Aliv little BIG

Updated: May 12, 2020

2017 Little Big Golf Challenge

Royal Blue Golf Club at Baha Mar

August 26th

In the first year of the little BIG Golf Challenge, the event has pulled a full field of 40 junior golfers (little’s) and 40 adult golfers (BIGs) to pair with them.

The purpose of the event is to:

· Create awareness of the talent of our junior golfers.

· Create mentoring opportunities for our adult community

· Create a fun environment for adults and juniors

· Raise funds for the three entities involved to help with their efforts

The field will feature some of our best junior golfers, as well as some who are just learning the game and want to have a fun round of golf with their parents or adult golfer.

This event is a collaborative effort between three entities, spearheaded by Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy and its Parents of Golfers Association.

Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy

Three words to explain its vision - IMPACT, DEVELOP, & RETAIN. Through various golf opportunities, hundreds of youth will be taught the game of golf. Through various tournaments, the juniors will be able to compete on levels equivalent to international junior programs.

Bahamas Golf Federation - Junior Division

The Bahamas Golf Federation Junior Division helps to mold the minds of young persons, teach lifelong skills and expose them to the game of golf. The BGF Junior Division has been in existence for over 30 years and relies on a volunteer base to function. We truly believe that Golf is a sport that brings out the best in each of us and it is our responsibility to help nurture that.

Bahamas Golf Federation - Central Division

· To promote and conserve throughout the Bahamas the best interest and true spirit of the game of golf.

· To enhance membership.

· To create the best opportunity to play and encourage participation by the members of the various clubs.


BIG – little

v David Harris – Jalene Bowleg (6)

v Oren Butler – Nicole Butler (7)

v Gary Markham – Nikayla Butler (7)

v Delano Mortimer – Denahj Mortimer (7)

v Marco Turnquest – Nicholas Turnquest (7)

v Renata Raeber – Daliah Hamilton (8)

v Richard Gibson Jr – Michael Knowles (8)

v Marcus Pratt – Chemari Pratt (8)

v Riccardo Davis Jr. – Omar Smith Jr. (8)

v Mike Wilson – Mike Wilson Jr. (8)

v Scott Kennedy – Luke Kennedy (9)

v Birgit Ludig Dridi – Axel Dridi (10)

v Ivan Hooper – Alec Hooper (10)

v Anthony Hinsey – Alexander Knowles (10)

v Paul Tsavoussis – Rhan Miller (10)

v Wallace Workmaster – Percival Richardson (10)

v Holman McDonald – Nataija McPhee (11)

v Hiltrud Augustin – Taylor Brooks (12)

v Timothy Pinder – Shannon Faulkes (12)

v Larry Wilson – Jared Forbes (12)

v Andre Knowles – Benjamin Knowles (12)

v George Swann – Christopher Knowles (12)

v Paul Winder – Zion Taylor (12)

v Daphne Haines – Tyesha Tynes (12)

v Chris Wright – Jayden Wright (12)

v Ken Gibson – Max Dridi (13)

v Fran Dillet – Edison Rolle (13)

v Ethelyn Davis – A’Marie Smith (13)

v Lawrence Glinton – Judah Lloyd (14)

v Marvin Bethell – Riya Miller (14)

v Fausto – Miranda Tucker (14)

v Jim Duncombe – Jenna Bayles (15)

v Fred Lunn – Clinton Bowleg (15)

v Oswald Moore – Naji Grant (15)

v Bronson Knowles – Ashley Michele (15)

v Dr. Patti Symonette- Janeil Bowleg (16)

v Sherman Armbrister – Tynesha Tynes (16)

v Pablo Nahmias – G’Angelo Edgecombe (17)

v Damian Blackburn – Rashard Gibson (17)

v Alan Simpson –Deangelo Stubbs (17)

v Leroy Dames – Ryan Coerbell (18)

v Drexel Smith – John Hall III (18)

Financial and In-kind sponsors for this event includes Aliv, Royal Blue Golf Club at Baha Mar, McDonalds, Marcos Pizza, and the Parents of Golfers Association. The FCGA Parents of Golfers Association is dedicated to helping secure tournament/league play venues and sponsors for our young golfers in The Bahamas.

The tournament organizers send a special thank you to its sponsors, parents, junior golfers, and the Royal Blue Golf Club at Baha Mar. Thank you for helping to advance the growth of our young golfers!


2017 Little BIG Golf Challenge Tournament Committee

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