Our commitment is to IMPACT each child by continuing to increase our footprint in communities to expose them to this game.


—  Chemari and Haley at the Record Match 150.

Join our home team and become a Mingoes! For more information, contact Jim Duncombe (Head Golf Coach), Ahmal Henfield (Assistant Golf Coach), or Kimberley Rolle(Athletics Director) at Kimberley.rolle@ub.edu.bs.

Our commitment is to DEVELOP them by continuing to expand their golf exposure and college recruitment options.”​


—Tia Singh receiving an award.

The STARS program provides student-athletes with the resources and support they need to extend their educational and athletic experience beyond high school, empower them to become strong leaders on and off the playing field, and help them to successfully.

Our commitment to RETAIN them by teaching them the importance of paving the road for others behind them.”​


—  Coach Matt teaching golf class at Yellow Elder Primary School

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