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Fourteen Clubs Birdie Scholarship Program

The Fourteen Clubs Birdie Scholarship Fund, when funds are available, subsidizes Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy in its efforts to help youth golfers build strength of character which is fundamental to success in life.

Fourteen Clubs supports deserving students throughout their junior golf tenure regardless of their ability to pay by granting a Birdie Scholarship. Every subsidized junior golfer who progresses to another level in the program is a Birdie for our scorecard, and we look forward to making as many Birdies as possible.

How to Participate – Become a Birdie for Fourteen Clubs

This form can be completed by students who are not able to pay, but would still like to join the Fourteen Clubs, Bahamas Golf Federation program. New applicants must be active in the school golf program. Returning applicants must be active members of Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy by being in level 3 or higher via the Operation 36 model.

All applicants will be considered based on financial need, academic performance, chapter involvement, volunteerism and other criteria. Once approved, the student is able to participate in the weekly golf instruction activities offered by Fourteen Clubs. The student will be given access to clubs and other equipment used in the program. The student can reapply each year, and will be accepted based on their record for the previous year. This record consists of attendance, division progression, and overall attitude and commitment to growing as a junior golfer.


College Golf Scholarship Assistance 

Guide to A College Golf Scholarship 

We currently utilize two platforms to assist out golfers.

The first is The Student Athlete Resources and Support Programme (STARS). Any student athlete interested in applying for STARS, must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be in the 8th -12th grade

  2. Be a member of their high or junior high school’s sports team as an athlete,

  3. manager, film coordinator or statistician

  4. Have a desire to play a sport in college or continue their team participation in college as a manager, film coordinator, or statistician and

  5. Have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 or 70%

The second platform is Next College Student Athlete (NCSA). Through them, we showcase the athletes through swing videos and academic profiles. We contact Universities of our students' choices in hopes to receive scholarships. All prospective college athletes are required to sit either the ACT or SAT examinations. 

*Please note that highlight videos are to be used in MP4 extension in order to be valid. If you are having trouble, directly send videos to 242-466-3643 stating your full name.