Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy Program - Open Registration

Surpass Your Goals

Are you new to our program? If so, schedule an individual lesson so that we can begin to develop or analyze your swing/game! Next, you can join our group classes and experience the fun at Fourteen Clubs and The Bahamas Golf Federation!    


Additional Information

For New or Returning Students

New Students

1. Ensure that you are registered on Operation 36. Once logged on, Request access for the Fall 2021 semester. This will be the main mode of communication for the semester. 

2. Schedule an Individual Lesson. We encourage new participants to take two to four private sessions. In these sessions, they will learn the 9 swing combos taught at the academy. The individual lessons are $75 per hour.

3. Group Sessions. The private lesson option will still be available, but we encourage the students to join the group sessions once they have learned the combos and the putting characteristics. In the group sessions, they are able to continue practicing the swing combos while the instructor continues to develop the swings. 

New students are able to begin learning how to play the game with other junior golfers. The group sessions are $150 per month and include up to two days of class programming. There are also packages which include a private lesson once a week or every other week. 

Based on the information above, please let me know which days and times would be good for your schedule for the private lessons.

We look forward to your son joining junior golf!