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I am a new or returning student. How can I register?

New Junior Golfers with The Bahamas Golf Federation 

The semester begins January 4th and ends May 31st.

Golf Clases are held Monday-Thursday at the BGF Golf Facility. 

Step 1: Ensure that you are registered on Operation 36. Once logged on, Request access for the Spring 2022 class. This will be the main mode of communication for the semester. 

Division level: 

If you are new to golf, you will be be placed in Division 1. If you are already a golfer, you can take an assessment/operation 36 level test to designate your division. The division program schedule is below. 

Division 1 - 3 

Monday and Wednesday from 3:00 - 5:00pm with scheduled testing on Fridays. 

We encourage one individual lesson per week for those in all divisions. Individual lessons are scheduled on Friday - Sunday. 

Monthly (four weeks)fee $150

Includes up to 8 program sessions per month 


Semester fee (16 weeks): $600

Includes up to 32 program sessions per semester 

Monthly (four weeks)fee plus one private lesson per week: $350

- Includes up to 8 program sessions per month 

- Includes up to four private lessons per month

Private lesson: $75

For any information, please contact Gina at 801-0501. 

What are some highlights from 2021?

2021 has been very eventful as we:

1. Hosted our Annual Junior Nationals (Zion Taylor and Jenna Bayles are the reigning champions)

2. Hosted a successful Spring semester of programming

3. Introduced and trained over 900 kids in the sport of golf

Intoduced over 50 school PE teachers to the game of golf

4. Launched a spring semester of golf in the Exuma primary schools (Moss Town Primary, Mt.Thompson Primary, Georgetown Primary) grades 2-6 with the leadership of Ms. Brandyt Albury

5. Hosted the first annual school golf Championships at the BGF Golf Facility with 248 players representing 33 schools both public and private

6. Ran 12 weeks of matches at Royal Blue to enhance the scoring and play of the juniors

7. Hosted 7 US Kids Tour Summer Events which has allowed some of our juniors to be invited to regional and national US kids tournaments in 2022

8. Ran a successful summer golf program even though it was shortened due to Covid 19 safety precautions 

9. Sent a 13 member team to compete in the Caribbean Amateur Junior Golf Championships

10. Hosted 6 US Kids Tour Fall Events which has allowed some of our juniors to be invited to regional and national US kids tournaments in 2022

How do I know which group coach I am assigned to? 

If you are a new student, once you have completed your individual lessons, the instructor will inform you of who your main group coach will be.

Where are classes normally held?

Classes are mainly held at the BGF Golf Facility in the sports center complex. If classes are held at other locations, your group coach will let you know.

What are the divisions in junior golf? 

There are 10 divisions. You can pass each division by shooting a score of 36 or less on 9 holes from the different division yardage.

What is a Playing Ability Test (PAT)?

The Playing Ability test or Operation 36 test is a 9 hole round from your correct division distance. If you shoot 36 or less, you will pass and move on to the next division.

What is the difference between The Bahamas Golf Federation Junior Program and Fourteen Clubs?

Fourteen Clubs powers the BGF Junior program. It is one in the same.

Who is the current junior golf chair for the BGF?

Gina Gonzalez-Rolle