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My desire is to continue to give back to a game which has given so much to me.

Creating a clear path for others behind me to follow is my payment to those who paved the way for me.

My Teaching Philosophy

The game and teaching techniques are always evolving. Swings are meant to have optimum positions and angles, but the motions are meant to be different because we are all different.

My Story

"I was fortunate enough to play the game of golf through my mom’s friend. Access to playing the game was a lot better when I was growing up. We had junior golf sessions at Paradise Island Golf Course, South Ocean Golf Course, and the Cable Beach Golf Course (something which is not as readily available presently for my junior golfers).


I was never one of the ‘promised’ golfers, but I had a love for the game and that was enough to keep me going. Not being a star golfer, the game gave to me. I wasn’t a rich kid, and yet the game gave to me. All I had to do was love the game and want to get better, and the game gave me everything.


As I reflect on my beginning years in the game, I realize I never gave it the slightest thought as to how golf would change my life. I believe it was the summer of 2010 when I was offered the opportunity to go to Freeport and practice for the summer. My mom agreed for me to stay with the friend of Mr. Lou Parker, who was in charge of the junior division there. A complete stranger allowed me to stay with her for two months. She made me breakfast, dropped me to the golf course early in the morning, waited for me late in the evenings at the golf course, made sure I had dinner, and did it every day thereafter.


Their juniors were going to travel to the US to play in a junior event, and I was able to travel with them. There were a few U.S. College Coaches coming to scout the Bahamian golfers. In my mind, I was not impressive at all, however the coach from Alabama State University saw me play and he decided to take a chance on me. After I realized that I was going to have a full scholarship through golf, I dedicated all of my spare time to the sport. I found a way to get to the golf course after school, and I became absorbed with the game.


I remember the day clearly when I knew I loved it. My mom dropped me to the South Ocean Golf Course just after sunrise, as she had to be to work for 7am. I was the only one there at the course besides the maintenance team. I sat down and watched the dew on the grass as the sun came up. I decided that day that my favorite color was green, with a hint of sunlight on it, and pockets of white and blue.


This game has given me opportunities that are too many to divulge. I have met the most amazing people, and traveled all around the world.  Now my passion is to give every kid that same opportunity.  I was able to attain two Masters Degrees through full golf scholarships. In addition, I was also offered another full scholarship to pursue an MD-PhD.  However, at that juncture in my life, I decided to decline that scholarship to pursue a full time career in golf. That decision subsequently led me to move back to The Bahamas and influence the lives of our youth, and evolve the Georgette Rolle Junior Golf Camps into what is now Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy. 


As my juniors continue to improve at the game, I get more motivated to help them succeed.  Along with the help of Fourteen Clubs Parent Golf Association, an amazing group of parents, who are deeply committed to the growth of FCGA, we are going to continue trying everyday to get more juniors to love this game.


My vision is help my juniors acquire the necessary skills in golf so that they can compete internationally and earn full college golf scholarships to be whatever they want to be. Hopefully, some will want to play professional golf as a full time career and represent The Bahamas.


It only takes a desire to work hard, and a love for the game to achieve your dream.

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