On behalf of all of our participants, parents and Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy staff, we would like to thank each and every one of you for your contributions. Your financial support helps us continue in our mission and promote the game of golf to all that want to learn.

We look forward to many more years of your generosity and support as we continue to Impact our communities, Develop young people and Retain all those who have been introduced to the game we love.

Thank You

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Tony Singh
Paul Fox
Nick Klonaris
Ethelyn Davis
Bill Birchall
Carlos Martinez
Marchall Wallace
Oscar Johnson
Rolf Klug
Rodger Bannister
Jan & Ineke Daniels
Chris Hampton-Davies
Steve Dickson
Peter Kneale
Eric Gibson
Manni Mosko
Bill Holowesko
Peter Bruckman
Jimmy Klonaris
Ross McDonald
Nacho de la Rocha
Shane Gibson
Rudy Perrier
Leander Brice
Teri Hjelte & Lonnie Knowles
Tony & Sandra Walker
Alberto Valenzuela
Gina Gonzalez-Rolle
Peter Haan
Arthur Fabricant
Dominique LeFevre
David Lunn
Kumudu & Sean Miller
Patrina Khoo Farquharson
Richelle & Ronald Knowles
Craig Flowers
Captain Jerry
Coastline Construction
Cliff Petford
Jake Neudorf
Ossie Moore
Peter McIntosh
TexMex Golf Tournament
Mackey Street Plaza Co.
Phillip & Karen Pinder
Pinder's Custom Brokerage
Robert Lotmore
Tin Plate Ltd.
Dexter Johnson