Three divisions based on Age
Contact the lead coach per division for more information


Mini Golf: 

For the little ones. The beginning of the short game. 

Ages 8 & Under

Join our group of Tiny Tees and Little Woods! 

In Minnie golf, you will learn how to putt, chip, and play golf with our swing combo system. 

See you soon! 

Use the registration form below and we will get your 8U player setup to begin golf! 

What will you need? 
Tennis Shoes 
Collared shirt 



Movement Towards Improvement

Ages 9-13

Join Coach Alex and the team to transition to combo knowledge into the various shots in golf. 


Top Azul

Ages 14-18

Join Coach Fred and the team in a lot of course play, and everything involved in the transition to college golf.


Contact us for more info!

Golf Shirt for Tournaments

Golf Balls

Thank you!

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