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Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy Program - Open Registration

Are you new to our program? If so, schedule an individual lesson so that we can begin to develop or analyze your swing/game! Next, you can join our group classes and experience the fun at Fourteen Clubs and The Bahamas Golf Federation!


The Academy at Fourteen Clubs - Invite Only

Once you have advanced in the program to level 4 or higher, you can earn the right to be in the Players Academy at Fourteen Clubs. Being a part of this academy means that you are focused and committed to improving your game. Your practice sessions will increase weekly, but you will also have the chance to practice with your peers who also want to take the game to the next level.


Operation 36 Matches

Looking for tournament opportunities? Looking to advance in the program? This is the right section for you!


December 20th 

December 21st 

December 22nd 


US Kids Tournaments 

Interested in playing in the US Kids Local Nassau Tours? The tours are hosted in the Summer (June through August) and Fall (September through October) seasons.


Playing Ability Tests (PATs)

Looking for opportunities to advance to the next level? Try the PATs!

Family Soccer