Incorporated in 2014

Fourteen Clubs is the official arm of junior golf for The Bahamas Golf Federation. We are committed to player development and playing opportunities. We will provide a fun and safe environment, striving to give junior golfers the highest quality of instruction in The Bahamas.



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1st Georgette Rolle Junior Golf Camp hosting 22 junior golfers.


2nd Georgette Rolle Junior Golf camp featuring 125 junior golfers.

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Georgette Rolle Junior Golf Camp



Incorporation of Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy. In this first year, instruction was mainly geared to piloting the school program at The Tambearly school, and private lessons.



This was the year of immense growth as we started our Parents of Golfers Association with Tony Singh, Richelle Knowles, Marcus Pratt, Kumudu Miller, Eugene Cooper. We hosted our first 18-hole tournaments beginning with the Grand Bahama Junior Golf Open.

Our goals included: 

1. Bring golf into the schools to expose more youth to the game.

2. Provide sufficient skills competitions to prepare juniors for larger tournaments

3. Host large events to hone the skills of the junior golfers.

4. Raise more sponsor dollars to support the growth of the program.


This was the second year of our tournament program. Through our sponsors, we were able to cover the cost of flight and hotel if necessary for all of the tournament ready golfers in Grand Bahama. We introduced our players to golf in Abaco and Grand Bahama. We also traveled to Trinidad for a Caribbean Golf Association event, and some of our players competed in the Hurricane Junior Golf Tour Series in Florida. A special thanks to the golf courses in The Bahamas for hosting our junior golf tournaments.  An extra thank you to Royal Blue Golf Club at Baha Mar for hosting the majority of the tournaments as a donation to the program.


Looking back at the exponential growth of junior golfers from 2017, we can see how much we have accomplished. We have seen our first graduate attend college on a golf scholarship. Additionally, our youngest age category has quickly grown in numbers, as we look forward to an even more fruitful future.

From the members of our board, tournament committee, and coaches at Fourteen Clubs Golf Academy, we thank our sponsors and parents for their support. We thank our juniors for loving the game, and allowing us to pour back in to the community through a game we love.

In 2019, we introduced a more refined 7-step swing method. The previous method was simply based on generally working on parts of the game and fixing the swing along the way. This was fine, as it is how general program teach. We took another step and looked at providing the students with a practice regimen, and also finding a way to test their complete motor skills with the most common swing sequences "combos" in the game.

Results are as follows:

1.With our multiple coach system, coaches and students are seamlessly able to switch and receive the same direction of instruction.

2. New juniors who transitioned to the golf course, have a base of shots to rely on during play.

3. New coaches and volunteers can easily jump into the program and begin confidently assisting right away

We have used the operation 36 platform concept since 2017, but adopted the software in 2019. This allowed us to have a fully designed space where all juniors can upload their golf skills and actions. The larger golf body can now see how many hours each child spends on putting, chipping, pitching, driving, etc. We are now also able to track by levels, just how good our junior golfers are. No more guessing, as the stats give clear data.

Results are as follows:

1.Juniors learned faster how to track their stats and keep track of another player's scores.

2.Based on playing stats, coaches were able to help their students plan practice sessions to improve their weak spots.

3.The Bahamas Golf Federation can see at a glance how many students are in different levels of the program. We now have the ability to present clear data on who the best golfers are, what they spend their time working on, and many other data nuggets.

4.Parents are more engaged as they can see daily updates of what is happening in junior golf, how their child is improving, and follow an easy guide as to how their child can progress in the program.


Despite 2020, being the year of lockdowns, we were able to successfully train and increase our coaching team.  We developed a coach Program to assist with the growing rate of junior golf. This was accomplished by developing Physical Education majors from the University of The Bahamas, and recent college graduates with a passion for youth and sports.



2021 was the year of our inaugural National School Golf Championships with 248 players! We introduced the game of golf to thousands of young people in Nassau and Exuma. 

We saw the implementation of a local US Kids Golf Tour. This was an opportunity for our players to play at home and earn points to larger US Kids championships. 
Brought the us kids local tour to The Bahamas