Incorporated in 2014

Fourteen Clubs is the official arm of junior golf for The Bahamas Golf Federation. We are committed to player development and playing opportunities. We will provide a fun and safe environment, striving to give junior golfers the highest quality of instruction in The Bahamas.


Our Philosophies


9 Swing Combo System

Our 9 combo swing system teaches our golfers not only how to perform the full swing, half swing, or other types of swings preached in the golf industry. We teach the player to be able to "feel" the shot by being able to swing in "ranges" versus to specific points.

Goal Oriented

Operation 36 10 Division System

The operation 36 model which has 10 divisions allows the players to continually have a next step to pass. We chart our students on a path to become "0" handicapped golfers.

Low Handicap Golfer Oriented

Shooting Par or Better from where you should play from

We believe in creating golfers with the mindset of becoming great. We also want to create life long golfers, but we want to make sure we have a better grade of golfers here in The Bahamas.


Respecting everything about the game

We want to create an army of youth who respect the way they dress, speak, treat others, and a number other items.